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As well as being my best friend & fellow anti-diet Queen, Sophie Moloney makes incredible knitwear and I’m very excited to be sharing a review of this gorgeous scarf which she recently made me.

I love pom poms (a lot) and I really wanted a snuggly scarf that incorporated them into the design and Sophie most certainly delivered. After chatting to her about my dream she offered me an array of colours and design ideas and shared my enthusiasm for this bespoke piece. Sophie posted photos of the scarf’s development as she was knitting on her Instagram page which made me extremely excited for it’s arrival. I didn’t have to wait long at all, as in less than a week my item was posted for delivery. This girl sure can knit fast! 

The scarf was carefully wrapped in brown paper and string when it arrived and there is something simple & nostalgic about items being wrapped in this way. On opening my parcel I couldn’t believe how beautiful the item was. I’d chosen a mustard colour for the length of the scarf and Sophie suggested white pom poms for the ends which work really well with the yellow. The piece is light and snuggly and long which is perfect as I like to be able to wrap scarves twice for extra warmth.

I’ve looked very carefully and I can’t find a stitch out of place and the wooden logo is a wonderful touch. Since it’s delivery, I can’t stop wearing my scarf and passersby have been very complimentary. Not only am I chuffed to have such a beautiful piece of knitwear  but also so happy to be supporting a local business. I’ve asked Sophie a few questions to give you all a bit more of an insight into the girl behind the knitting needles.

Tell us about yourself & the story behind Moloney makes

I’m Sophie, a part time cafe worker and full time knitting enthusiast! My love of peanut butter is so great that I have a whole shelf of jars in the kitchen, I also like to run and buy myself plants, but more than anything I love evenings with my girls eating all the cheese and sipping on wine.

It was my mum who taught me to knit at the age of 7, a phase which lasted a few months, perhaps a year, but faded as my young mind no doubt found another curiosity to bestow my concentration. A number of years passed until knitting returned into my life. In my late teens I fell ill, caught up in the depths of anorexia and battling mental illness and it was during recovery that I picked up those needles again. With each stitch I created, a little piece of me began to return. Over the past 2 or 3 years I have been able to hone my skills and build upon my passion.

During the Christmas of 2014 I finally learnt how to purl and by January 2015 I made my first ever ‘proper’ item – a knitted purse complete with a zipper. In all honesty it was completely amateur, but it was the start of something beautiful. Sharing my knitted goodies brings me such joy, so when a couple of people suggested that they would actually pay money for something that I created it set the wheels in motion: operation ‘etsy shop2016’. I gave myself a year to do my research, to write up patterns and create some sort of inventory; I wanted to do this properly. Moloneymakes opened in September of this year and I’ve loved every second. I’m learning more and more with each day, always working on and improving my patterns, creating new items and bringing other people’s ideas to life.

What do you love most about knitting?

I love the fact that I am able to create beautiful things from just a ball of yarn, but more often than not knitting is great for my anxiety. It keeps my hands busy, and relaxes my mind. My favourite accompaniment is a podcast or an audiobook as I can lose myself for an hour or three!

What is your favourite item in the range?

My favourite item in the shop is probably the sweet little headbands. They’re super simple, but still keep my ears cosy. I also love the wide rim bobble, an item I wear fairly often, and of course I adore the new Alice scarf! The little poms are perfect.

How can people order bespoke pieces?

You too can order your own bespoke item, like Alice, easily enough. Just start a conversation with me through my Etsy store, or even leave me a message through my Instagram page. If I feel confident that I can meet your request we can work through timing, pricing etc from there!


Sophie’s Etsy store is filled with stunning pieces in autumnal colours including hats, mittens, scarves, head bands, and Mumma & baby duos (swoon). Each piece really is knitted with love and instead of giving to a high street store, why not purchase something from a passionate independent whom values each and every sale and does a happy dance each time an order comes through?

Sophie has generously offered a 15% discount on orders for everyone who follows my blog/Instagram until the end of January. To claim this discount, enter the code: ‘PEANUTBUTTER’ at the checkout! 

(Sophie did not approach me to write this post, I purchased the item at full price and all of these opinions are my own)

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