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By September 26, 2017Review

If like me, you believe that mac and cheese to be one of the best, most comforting meals, you could ever have, then prepare to get excited! The Urban Standard on Gloucester road has introduced a midweek menu that entirely focuses on mac and cheese and it’s just as good as it sounds. Many trendy burger joints & other restaurants offer mac and cheese as a tempting side but Urban Standard have decided to put the dish firmly in the limelight. They have been serving up their truffle mac on their regular menu since they opened and this new Wednesday menu introduces stunning flavour combinations and a wonderful variety of different toppings to load onto your mac.

Samir and I were invited down last week to try the new menu and we ended up getting to try whilst sipping on delicious beer and nattering to other avid cheese fans and it was grate! I couldn’t resist the pun but I promise now, I’ll stop 😉

So, let’s get down to business. What’s on the menu?

3 different mac and cheese burgers: 2 meaty (pulled pork/classic beef burger and bacon) and 1 vegetarian (egg and avocado) with a deep fried mac and cheese patty and served with fries.

Loaded mac and cheese: Simple mac, Beef and blue mac – mac and cheese topped with tender beef and blue cheese, Sweet potato mac – mac and cheese topped with sweet potato and chimichurri, Truffle mac – mac and cheese topped with mushrooms and truffle oil, Dirty mac – mac and cheese topped with bbq pulled pork, Shrimp mac – mac and cheese topped with garlic prawns.

Mega mac fries: Thin fries topped with mac and cheese, pulled pork, sour cream and bbq sauce. These guys are seriously giving the other dirty fries on offer in Bristol, a run for their money and I think they have pipped the post for top spot.

What did we think?

As vegetarians we were slightly worried that there wouldn’t be many options for us but we were absolutely blown away by the truffle mac and the sweet potato mac. The vegetarian burger was also delicious – a fried egg and smashed avocado paired wonderfully with the deep fried mac and cheese patty. The mega mac fries looked insane and those next to us kindly polished off all the fries covered in pork, so we were able to try some fries with the simple mac and cheese and it was a match made in carb heaven. I’m hoping if the menu is a success then they’ll introduce a veggie version of the mega mac fries pleeeease?! The menu is also easy on the wallet, offering 3 different loaded macs for £13 and each burger came in at under £9 which I think is really reasonable.

It’s safe to say that we had to stumble home in a cheese induced daze after trying all of this, but luckily we live very close by and no doubt are going to become frequent Wednesday visitors. I’m confident that mac and cheese could be the next dish of the day after the success of sourdough pizzas and gourmet burgers sweeping the city and I would be more than happy to see that happen! Warning: eating this much mac and cheese will result in very strange dreams..

We were given a complimentary meal and drinks as part of the launch event but were not asked to write a review. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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