Review: Let’s go swimming

By January 18, 2018Poems, Review

Sometimes you’ll find me treading water,
Uncertain of what to say or how to say it or sometimes knowing what to say –
But, being scared to, anyway.
And then my legs begin to ache and I can’t stop my mouth from spilling,
Something. Sometimes gargled but atleast, said. 

^ I came up with this lil poem whilst I floated around in the swimming pool yesterday. I like swimming, a lot. It’s something as a family, we’d do every Saturday and Sunday afternoon and sometimes more (to make the membership worth it). I think one of my favourite feelings in the world is getting out of the water, wrapping up in a towel and buying some chocolate from a vending machine. Probably a Daim bar because it’s the only place I’d see them or a bag of transform-a-snacks for 20p, those were the days, eh?

On holiday I’d spend hours every day in the pool, even in the rain. Mainly because the flumes were so damn good and you could give yourself a wedgie to go faster. Swimming never felt like exercise, because it was just fun. Playing dolphin games under the water, or diving down to find a coin that my Dad would throw for us to chase or desperately trying to master a backwards roll without inhaling half the swimming pool as I tumble-turned.

I’ve missed swimming.

I’ve missed the pure freedom you feel as you like on your back, bobbing along. I’ve missed the rush of holding your breath as you try and front crawl as fast as possible to beat the clock. I’ve missed jumping in and trying to make the biggest splash possible. I’ve missed the handstands because although I have zero ability at a solid handstand on ground, in the water, I’m a professional, always finishing in an elegant forwards body flop, envied by many.

So I decided to go back to swimming. Firstly, I forgot how bloody tiring the whole thing is. I swear I could swim for aaaages and now after a few lengths I’m completely knackered. But I don’t pressurize my swimming. I don’t go to complete X amount of lengths. I don’t go for a work out. I go to chill out, to feel grounded in my body, to play. Which to be honest, I think should be the motivation for all exercise – something that feels good for your body and your mind. I’ve been back at my local leisure center in Bristol. I like it because in the day times it’s empty and I sometimes get the whole place to myself and the lifeguard gets a front row seat to my handstand and tumble presentation. And the best thing about swimming? YOU CAN’T LOOK AT YOUR PHONE. What bliss.

A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with Swim Freak, a company that makes Olympic standard goggles. They were on the hunt for fitness bloggers to trial their product and although I definitely don’t fit that brief, they offered to send me a pair and I couldn’t wait to try them. Swim Freak make goggles for everyone, from kids to triathloners (is that even a word? – I’m not sure) and each single pair comes with a snazzy case, a nose clip, bridge and ear plugs. They also have anti-fog technology and a mirrored UV lens so that your vision is always completely clear when using them. The silicone seal means that absolutely no water will get into these bad boys (which used to be the BANE OF MY LIFE growing up) and they even have an easy strap adjustment so that your goggles don’t get tangled in your hair whilst you try to rearrange them. There are 3 different colour options for adults – black, blue and white and a lot more for kids. Adult pairs cost £25.99 and for kids, £12.99. You can also get a handy 10% discount for purchasing your first pair by using the code: “first10” at the checkout.

I really enjoyed using the goggles. Once comfortable, I didn’t have to move them at all. Not a splash of water got into them during my whole time in the pool and my eyes remained clear without the sting of chlorine which I’d been battling with since getting back in to my swimming grove. The case they come in is also really handy as it keeps them clean and scratch free and also made me feel pretty profesh! Also – although I did have a little imprint around my eyes when I first took the goggles off, the mark had completely disappeared by the time I’d showered and next time I will loosen the strap a little so the lens’ aren’t so tight. I really want to go wild swimming this Summer and the goggles are fit for open water swimming as well as at the local leisure center so I can’t wait to go (safely) jumping in rivers once the sun finally makes an appearance.

Swim Freak goggles get a big thumbs up from me & a huge thank you to the team for sending me a pair to try! My handstands have gone to next level and once swimming pool hand standing becomes an Olympic sport, I promise to thank you when I step up to the podium and accept my gold medal.

I was sent a pair of goggles in order to review the product on my blog and Instagram. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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