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I f*cking love porridge. I honestly think that it feels like a warm hug on a winter morning. My first memory of eating porridge is during a camping trip when I was 11 years old. I remember waking up in the freezing morning and being handed a plastic bowl full of stodgy goodness for breakfast and that’s when our love affair began. I’m often asked on Instagram how I make my oats so I thought it’d be a good idea to document it here.

Hot banana oats recipe
Milk (dairy/nut/soya) or boiling water
1 x banana

1) Put oats into a small saucepan – I never measure but I’d say I usually throw in around two cups
2) Pour milk or boiling water over the oats, enough to cover them completely with a little extra on top. I usually go for mostly boiling water with a dash of milk but the less milk, the more stodge!
3) Mash banana, add to the pan and mix well
4) Leave oats to soak for around 5 minutes
5) Put the pan onto a high temperature until the milk begins to bubble, stir continuously
6) Once the mixture begins to become a bit more dense, turn the temperature down to a low simmer and continue to stir
7) Once the mixture has reached your desired consistency (for me, the stodgier, the better) take off the heat, add to a bowl, go crazy with toppings and enjoy

If you are strapped for time in the mornings, you can always make your oats the night before so that they are ready to enjoy as soon as you wake up.. 

Over night oats recipe
Milk (dairy/nut/soya) or boiling water
1 x banana
3 tbsp of plain yoghurt – Don’t use reduced fat yoghurt as it can create a sour taste in the oats, my favorite to use is full fat FAGE

Follow steps 1-7 as above
8) Leave the mixture to cool down
9) Add in the yoghurt and give it a good stir
10) Pop into a mason jar or air tight container in the fridge overnight & head to sleep dreaming of breakfast
11) Wake up, add to a bowl, go crazy with toppings and enjoy

Topping ideas: Peanut butter (obviously), chia seeds, jam, chocolate, nuts & seeds, dried or fresh fruit, granola, coconut oil

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