The supermarket tango

By June 26, 2017Poems

Grilled Cheese Sandwich // Food Illustration // Art print, Art for kids

Most women will have danced the supermarket tango
When you go to buy a mars bar and end up with a mango
You pick up a cheese sandwich & there’s nothing you want more
But then you see the numbers 1,2,3,4
Green or amber, I guess, that would be okay
But red that’s a no go, definitely not today
Because you don’t deserve it, you haven’t moved
Haven’t you heard, you’re meant to earn your food?
“You should have a salad” that voice starts to say
& before you shout FUCK OFF, you sigh and say “okay”
But that’s not what you want, your stomach starts to rumble
You dart back to the sandwich and your thoughts start to tumble
You juggle with your choices, your palms begin to sweat
Maybe you could skip this meal, go back to work, forget?
But there’s another way to do this & at first it might sound strange
You just eat the bloody sandwich and your mind will start to change
Don’t let yourself feel guilty, for eating what you want
Like a burger or some chips or a fresh, still warm croissant
Cos if your forced to eat the salad you’ll wind up wanting more
If I could do, just one thing, it’d be to write this law
For women to feel freedom around the food they choose
& realise it’s not about the weight they need to lose
The society we’ve grown in makes us want to be small
But instead I want you all to stand up real tall
Decide to love your body, respect and honour it
Eat that fucking sandwich and to yourself, commit.

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