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By June 28, 2017Poems


When I wake up in the morning, I stand up on my scale
Look down to the see the number, take in a breathe, exhale
The result decides my outlook, if I’ll feel happy or sad
It chooses how I’ll eat that day, something “good” or something “bad”
I have a number in my head, that’ll be when things are right
The grass will be much greener when my dresses aren’t so tight
But then starts the addiction, I visit every hour
When they show something I’m not ready for, my tears fall like a shower ?
One day I throw them in the bin, “no more” I quietly vow
I’ve had enough of feeling shit, I’m gonna live in the here and now
I am more than a fucking number and I’ve wasted so much time
Trying to shrink my beautiful body by drinking soda and a squeeze of  lime
Now when I wake up in the morning, I take a moment to pause
To reflect on what I’m thankful for, to commit to the self-love cause
Then today when I’m in Boots and I look down the make-up aisle
I see some scales, they’re calling me, so I stop for a minute & smile
Cos whenever we’re reunited, I realise I can be free
I put a finger up to the scales
They’ll never have a hold on me.

Image by Frances Cannon

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