Since sliced bread

By December 10, 2017News

Exciting news peeps. Me and the glorious Cait Meredith  have been busy creating a brand new monthly anti-diet newsletter called *drum roll* Since sliced bread. We want to provide you with motivational content to arm you in the fight against diet culture through advice, stories, illustrations and more. To sign up to this totally free resource, all you have to do is email us: or fill in the form here and you’ll be added to our super special mailing list. From then on, each month we’ll be shouting from your inbox that diets suck! We’re so excited for this new project and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Here is an archive of our previous issues for you to delve into:

MARCH 2018
APRIL 2018
MAY 2018

PS. A huge thanks to Megan for drawing our lush logo and to Cait for creating this with me.

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