International Women’s day ♀

By March 8, 2017Food & Body

Happy International Women’s day everyone! This year, the theme for the day is be bold for change and to encourage women to be bolder, stronger and more powerful in all aspects of life.

I fully believe that dieting is a form of female repression. It consumes our thoughts, it keeps us busy and it makes us strive to be as small as possible. We need to be striving for the opposite. The pressures on women to look and act a certain way are rife in our society. We need to look at ways we can take a stand against this because we hold the power for change. If women decided that they didn’t need to change the way that they looked the diet industry would collapse. It’s a business that thrives from our dissatisfaction with our bodies. Diet plans do not work because if they did people wouldn’t need to go back to them and spend more money. They are set up to make you think that you have done something wrong if you haven’t lost weight and they know full well that this guilt will entice you to start again on Monday. It’s fucked up.

I want to cause a ripple amongst the women I know and the women I reach through social media. We all need to be bold for change and the way to do that is to work together, to talk about the issues that are effecting us and to demand things to be different. Other women are not our competition, they are our sisters. It can be easy to feel bogged down by how far women have to go for equality so I’ve pooled together some of my favourite lady-lead internet things for you to explore and hopefully feel inspired by.

“Don’t just climb the ladder of success – a ladder that leads, after all, to higher and higher levels of stress and burnout. But chart a new path to success, remaking it in a way that includes not just the conventional metrics of money and power, but a third metric that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder and giving, so that the goal is not just to succeed but to thrive.” — Ariana Huffington


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Frances Cannon art (Image at the top is by Frances)

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