Alice and Peanut Butter
Alice and Peanut Butter

I’m Alice and I’m a Bristol based (food) explorer. I like strong cups of tea, poems and not talking about diets.

Alice and Peanut Butter
Alice and Peanut Butter
Alice and Peanut Butter
About Me
April 2, 2018

R u ok hun?

On Easter Saturday, I was having a scroll sesh on Instagram and found myself watching the wonderful @positively.kate‘s Instagram stories where she was talking about when self care activities creep…

About Me
March 14, 2018

You’ve got a friend in me

Last year I decided to drop down to 28 hours a week in my formerly full time job so I had a day to concentrate on my business and a…

February 26, 2018


  Lately I’ve been overwhelmed with emotions, constantly on the brink of tears and I can’t stop them brimming down my cheeks when I laugh too hard or worry too…

February 7, 2018

Michelin man

I can’t help but nuzzle into your Michelin man arms, your doughy thighs which spring back when pushed like a perfectly proved, fresh loaf of bread — & you hungrily…

February 4, 2018

Eat Up!

I have just finished reading Ruby Tandoh’s book Eat Up! I hungrily thumbed my way through every page in the space of 48 hours and found myself turning off my…

January 18, 2018

Review: Let’s go swimming

Sometimes you’ll find me treading water, Uncertain of what to say or how to say it or sometimes knowing what to say – But, being scared to, anyway. And then…

Food & Body
January 11, 2018

But, what if?

“I get that you love your body as it is and you aren’t concerned about the weight you’re gaining. But, what if you hypothetically kept gaining weight until you were…

January 2, 2018

Little peach

I’m a soft little peach: With a little round belly and a solid heart at my core. I am exactly as I am and I can be nothing more.

About Me
December 18, 2017

My budget December

Earlier this year, Samir and I booked a trip to go to Vancouver, BC in 2018. We were fortunate enough to go to Canada last year for my best friend’s wedding…